Wait, this guy plays baseball?

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Let me introduce you to Tim Lincecum.

5’11”, 170 pounds. I’m hesitant to write that, because as an athlete myself, I know that the “official” height and weight of every athlete is typically over-exaggerated. I’m willing to bet Mr. Lincecum is more like 5’10”, 160 pounds. Either way, he’s tiny for an athlete. At first glance, you would expect him to be nothing more than your typical Average Joe walking down the street. Don’t judge a book by its cover.

The Freak. The Franchise. The Kid. Big Time Timmy Jim. Whatever you wanna call him, Tim Lincecum is arguably the best pitcher in Major League Baseball. Drafted by the San Francisco Giants in 2006, Big Time Timmy Jim has taken the league by storm.

He has won two consecutive National League Cy Young Awards (2008, 2009), the award which is given to the best overall pitcher in each league. He led the Majors in strikeouts in 2008, and has led the National League three years in a row (2008, 2009, 2010). In a nutshell, this “Average Joe” is kicking ass.

Although he hasn’t had his best season in 2010, Tim Lincecum is helping to lead the Giants on a prime playoff run. Looking to lead the Giants to win their first World Series Pennant since 1954, Lincecum is focused in with his eyes on the prize.

After winning the NL West Division Title, the Giants went on to defeat the Braves in the opening round of the MLB Playoffs, winning the series 3-1. The Giants will now face the Phillies in the NL Championship Series, with the winner moving onto the World Series.

Only 26 years old, it’s scary to think about how good Tim Lincecum will be when it’s all said and done. With a killer changeup and a fastball that reaches the mid-to-high 90s, Lincecum is still looking to add to his already scary repertoire of pitches.┬áIf he can lay off the weed and stay focused, Big Time Timmy Jim could go down as one of the greatest pitchers ever.

So next time you see an Average Joe walking down the street, don’t be so quick to judge, because for all you know, it might be a superstar athlete. Heck, it might even be Tim Lincecum.


Here we go again. We are only five weeks into the college football season, and Boise State has already gotten screwed. After defeating New Mexico State 59-0 (Yes, you read that right), the Boise State Broncos dropped from #3 to #4 in the AP and USA Today Top 25.

Boise was jumped by the Oregon Ducks, who handily defeated the previously ranked #9 Stanford Cardinal in a Pac-10 battle, 52-31.

Notice how I said Pac-10. One of the most recognizable conferences in college sports. Unfortunately for Boise State, they are not a member of this conference. And I believe that because of this, they will continue to be disrespected by poll voters.

How does a team who is ranked #3 drop down a spot after winning 59-0. What more can they do? Do they have to win 100-0? They absolutely destroyed a conference foe, and they were rewarded by being dropped further away from their National Championship dreams.

Boise State, a part of the Western Athletic Conference, has been one of many schools over the past decade to get screwed over by the infamous BCS Bowl Game system of NCAA Football. Now ranked #4, Boise now has to hope for two of the top 3 teams to lose for them to have a chance at the National Championship.

This dilemma brings forth the same question that has been asked throughout college football for the past few years. When are they going to install a playoff system that gives a fair chance to the small schools? If there are multiple teams who are undefeated at the end of the year, a playoff system is the only way to determine a true champion.

There is one thing I know for sure. If Boise State finishes undefeated and once again does not get a shot for the National Championship, be ready to hear the sports world erupt and bash the BCS system, AGAIN.

I guess we will just have to wait and see.

These Boise State fans won't be so excited if the Broncos don't get a shot at the National Championship

I’m kicking myself right now!

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With the 17th overall pick in 2000 NFL Draft, the Oakland Raiders select…are you serious? A kicker!?

Yes, a kicker. On April 15th, 2000, Sebastian Janikowski became the first kicker taken in the 1st round in over 20 years. Now unless this guy can kick 70 yard field goals with his eyes closed, that is a flat-out stupid pick. Rarely do you see a kicker being taken in the early rounds, and almost never do you see it in the 1st round. Some of the best kickers of all time (see Adam Vinatieri, Gary Anderson) were either taken in the late rounds or even undrafted.

The reason for all this complaining stems from yet another tough loss for the Oakland Raiders on Sunday; this time thanks to, you guessed it, Sebastian Janikowski. The Raiders were in prime position to win the game, as they were about to attempt a 32 yard field goal with 0:04 seconds left.

Janikowski, who had already missed two field goals in the game, lined up for what appeared to be an easy chip shot to win the game. Unfortunately, it was far from easy, and he missed it wide left to give the Arizona Cardinals the win.

The Raiders moved to 1-2 on the season, and Janikowski added to his unimpressive resume in his 10-year career as an Oakland Raider. Although he hasn’t been terrible, Janikowski has performed at a level no better than most un-drafted kickers in the NFL over the past decade. He has definitely not performed up to his hype as the highest-paid kicker in the NFL.

Al Davis, the owner of the Oakland Raiders, has been responsible for more questionable draft picks and roster moves than any other owner in the history of the NFL. As a Raider fan myself, all we can wonder is how much longer we will have to deal with it. When will it finally be “the year”? After Sunday, it appears that it won’t be the 2010-2011 season.

Although they do look like an improved team, they still have 99 problems, and a kicker IS one.

Janikowski after he missed the potential game-winning field goal

Week 2 Sunday NFL Recap

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Hello sports world!

Week 2 brought us tons of exciting action throughout the NFL. From Randy Moss’s amazing one-handed catch to the countless quarterback controversies, Sunday was as action-packed as an episode of Jerry Springer.

The Steelers moved to 2-0 with a routine win over the Titans. Dennis Dixon was knocked out of the game with a knee injury, which brought the Steelers to their 4th string QB Charlie Batch due to the suspension of Ben Roethlisberger and the injury of Byron Leftwich. It will be interesting to see who lines up under center next week for the Steelers.

One of the biggest stories of the week was Michael Vick starting his first game since before his suspension and prison time. Vick did not disappoint as the Eagles beat the Lions and backup quarterback Shaun Hill, 35-32. It has been stated that Kevin Kolb will start next week for the Eagles, adding to the controversy as many believe that Vick deserves to start.

Some surprising games included the Dolphins defeating the Vikings, 14-10; the Bears handling the Cowboys, 27-20; the Buccaneers upsetting the Panthers, 20-7; and the Jets knocking off the Patriots, 28-14.

In an overtime thriller, the Texans left the Redskins in disbelief as they won on a game-winning field goal, 30-27, moving to 2-0 on the season. The Texans have been a huge surprise team so far, as it seems like the Colts may finally have some competition in the AFC South.

In the Sunday night game, the Colts and the Giants faced off in the battle of brothers, as Peyton and Eli Manning tried to lead their teams to victory. Forget football, all I want to know is how depressing that game must have been for Cooper Manning, the only Manning that is/was not a star NFL quarterback. All jokes aside, the Colts won in a commanding fashion, destroying the Giants 38-14.

That’s it for this week folks. Enjoy the Monday night game between the Saints and the 49ers! My money is on the Niners, upset alert! BYE!

Eli (Left) and Peyton (Right) faced off Sunday night in the recently dubbed "Manning Bowl"

Hunter’s Sunday NFL Recap

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It’s that time of the year again! The best time of all. The NFL regular season has FINALLY started. Now all football fans can get back to what they do best on Sundays, which is sitting on their butt in front of their TV screens ALL DAY.

The action actually started off on Thursday, with a great game between the Saints and the Vikings, with the Saints getting the win. Sunday was an action-packed day. The Raiders and 49ers, two Bay Area teams expected to be vastly improved this year, both started the season off with brutal losses to the Titans and the Seahawks, respectively.

The Houston Texans defeated the Indianapolis Colts, a very unexpected outcome that shows the change of power occurring in the usually Colt-dominated AFC-South.

The Eagles nearly came back from a 17 point deficit to beat the Packers, but were unsuccessful despite a valiant effort by Michael Vick. After starter Kevin Kolb was injured, Vick entered the game and performed extremely well, displaying an array of highlights using both his feet and his arm. This will be an interesting storyline throughout the season as critics argue over whether Kolb or Vick should be the Quarterback for the Eagles.

The New England Patriots won in a commanding fashion over the Cincinnati Bengals, and Tom Brady showed off his goofy new Justin Bieber hairstyle in the post-game interviews.

The Sunday night game between the Cowboys and the Redskins was a thriller, as it came down to the final play. The Cowboys appeared to have won the game at the last second, but an unfortunate penalty caused the win to be snatched out of their hands, and the Redskins came out victorious.

Now it’s Monday, and luckily for us football fans, we have 2 games to watch tonight! The Ravens and the Jets should provide a great game for fans to watch, as should the Chargers and the Chiefs. Hope you all enjoyed the first week of the NFL Season! Until next week…BYE!

After a last second penalty cost his team the game, Tony Romo walked off the field in shock as they lost to the Redskins in their season opener.

The Weekend of Sports

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It was a weekend of High’s and Low’s for me! Great win on Saturday by the SDSU Aztec Football team, 41-21 over New Mexico State! On the contrary, tough loss for my Raiders on Sunday, losing 38-13 to the Titans. Come on Raiders, at least make it respectable! Great finish to the Sunday night game, Cowboys almost pulled it off! I have a ton of homework, so this is it for now. BYE!

Hello world!

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