Pau Gasol…please make up your mind

Posted: November 1, 2010 in Uncategorized

What is that on your face?

If you are even vaguely familiar with the NBA, you have probably seen or heard of this scruffed-out man. If you’re one of those who lives within a 300-mile radius of Los Angeles and claims to be a Laker fan once they win the NBA Finals, you definitely know who Pau Gasol is. Whether you know him or not, there is one thing you must admit. This guy is pretty goofy looking.

Is Pau an amazing basketball player? Yes, I will admit that. He has dominated the league as of late with his impressive ball skills and soft touch in the paint, and has been an integral part of the Lakers winning back-to-back NBA Championships. He is without a doubt one of the best big men in the NBA today. But seriously man, either shave your beard, or grow it out!

For a few years now, Pau Gasol has consistently rocked the “I haven’t shaved in a few days” look. And when I say consistently, I mean every damn time I flip on SportsCenter, I see a shaggy-haired (which doesn’t help the cause), 7-foot giant trotting down the court with his infamous scruff beard.

Quite possibly the worst part about it is the neck hair. He clearly shaves his beard to the appropriate length often, I’m sure he has an extra five minutes to clean it up and shave his gross neck beard! But no, that’s not his style. Maybe it’s a Spanish thing. Maybe it’s a superstitious thing. He has become a much better player as of late. Maybe it’s good luck. Who knows.

All I know is that Pau Gasol should definitely go back to his old look. He looks much more professional. If he cut his hair short and shaved his nasty beard, his swagger points would instantly skyrocket. He would gain more fans in one day than Justin Bieber’s Twitter account. Probably not, but you get the picture.

For now, all we can do is continue to watch Pau Gasol dominate the league, and look like a goof while doing it. Maybe someday he will roll out of bed, look in a mirror, and finally realize he needs to shave. Just maybe…

Do the right thing, Pau. It will benefit all of us.

  1. Sarah says:

    Haha, that old picture of him doesn’t even look the same! Nice post.

  2. Chaos says:

    hahaha you’re ridiculous! i like the way you write though, i can see you being a sports commentator or something one day…. maybe. and ps lakers can suck it sd needs to bring back the clippers!

  3. Joe Stewart says:

    Neck beards cure cancer and repel zombies.

  4. this is so funny. i’m a huge laker fan. i actually watched gasol get mobbed at the staples center in his suv after the laker parade. you made me laugh. great blog

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